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Kim and Helen Schulte


Kimberly Powers


Kim & Helen Schulte originally founded Mountain Meadows Stables in 1997.

The MMS property has been in Helen's family since the early 70's. Throughout the years the Schultes have work to build and improve every facet of the facility. Every beautiful tree and shrub on the stable's grounds has been planted by Helen. She even helped with the construction of facility's main barn with her own hands. This facility is truly a passionate part of her life.

Kim has been instrumental in the development and success of MMS as well. Having owned several companies before and during the time here, he instills a very knowledgeable and professional aspect. He spends countless hands-on hours working to make MMS safe and secure for our horses as well as our boarders.

Between Kim and Helen they provide a very caring and enjoyable facility. Without their joint expertise and compassion, MMS would not be the quality facility that it is today.

Kimberly came to MMS in 1999 after deciding to leave the hustle and bustle of managing a company in the aerospace industry. Her passion for not only her own horses, but for all horses led her to become a full time trainer’s assistant and barn manager. She has had the opportunity to be part of MMS growing from having 14 horses to almost 90.

She has been hands-on with the care of hundreds of horses of every breed, working with their veterinarians learning valuable health and medical knowledge over the years.

Today, she still holds the same love for the horse and looks forward to bringing on new ones to our facility and family.





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